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Creating an Online Hub

If your business promotes itself through multiple online channels, it’s vital your users are presented with a clear and coordinated message. To maximise your conversion rates and minimise your running costs, you need to create an online hub.

What is an online hub?

An online hub is the virtual centre of all your digital marketing efforts. It’s the point that all your online marketing channels funnel towards. It could be a Facebook page or a LinkedIn account but for most businesses it’s going to be their main company website.

An Online Hub

The advantages of the Online Hub

Creating one central point that that all users are directed towards allows a business several key advantages.

  • It allows the business to hone its key sales message. It takes time to turn your website in a fantastic resource. You want a website that guides your potential customers through all the relevant information, answering all their questions, gaining their trust and building their confidence before presenting them with a clear call to action. By having all of that in place before you start funnelling users towards it via online marketing, businesses can achieve high conversion rates right from the start – there’s no wasted effort.
  • It saves the business time. By having the hub in place with all the information the user could ever need, businesses can concentrate on funnelling those users toward it. They don’t have to worry about creating the content to back up their online marketing because it’s already in place.
  • It allows the business to track performance. Having the hub set up correctly allows businesses to track users from capture through to exit. This gives them the information they need to evaluate every piece of marketing they do regardless of the channel, allowing them to make decisions on what works, where they should concentrate their efforts and what isn’t worth their time.
  • Business can easily add new spokes. Utilising a hub allows businesses to add as many online marketing channels, or ‘spokes’ as they wish. Because the content and the calls to action are already in place, it’s quick and easy to embrace new online marketing methods.
  • The spokes help to optimise the website. With all the new keyword specific backlinks that each online marketing channel creates the hub website will quickly rise the search engine rankings.

Satellite Websites

Satellite websites are a great way for businesses who offer multiple services or products to target specific markets. Satellite websites can be optimised for a narrow range of very specific keywords, allowing the business to compete in competitive market. Whilst the hub website acts aa general web presence, representing the business as a whole.

How to create an Online Hub

Creating a great online hub is all about getting the website set up correctly. Businesses need the ability to shape their website; to add new content and to grow it into a detailed resource with all the right calls to action. To that end its essential that the site is built around a flexible and robust content management framework and that website administrators are empowered with all the skills they need to take full control.

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Future proofing your business

The great thing about creating an online hub is that your business can take advantage of new and emerging technologies. With the core message firmly in place, it’s so easy to adopt new social networks and marketing streams as they become available.

If you’d like to learn more about creating an online hub for your business, we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch by emailing us at info@webchief.co.uk.

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