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Search Engine Optimisation for businesses and organisations

Getting you infront of your potential customers.

Search engine optimisation; or the art of getting your website to the top of the search engines, is a key focus for many successful businesses. Web Chief provides SEO services to businesses and organisation across the UK.

Setting up your website for SEO

Every website is made from code that must be to Google's liking.

Setting up your website correctly

Search engines such as Google have one aim: to provide their users the most useful and relevant information. To this end they have devised algorithms which they apply to every website allowing them to rank them in the order in which they meet this aim. Therefore to do well in the search engine rankings you need to do two things: supply useful and relevant information, and set your website up in a way that the search engines can recognise it.

Every website that we make is carefully designed to deliver information in the way that the search engines want it. We start each project by looking at it from Google’s point of view and working out what it will take to get our website to the top. Our clients use us because they know we can deliver. Even those didn’t use us to design their website, employ us to re-code so they can fair better in the algorithms.

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Creating a useful resource and a powerful selling tool

The search engines are looking for one thing: useful information. If your website has been coded in the optimal way, then the only thing you have to worry about is filling it with information that your potential customers will find useful and interesting. But that is often easier said than done.

Web Chief handle content creation and website management for clients across the country. We analyse the market to come up with new content ideas before creating both copy and images to add to the website. Then we submit the new content to the search engines and make sure that everything is indexed correctly, allowing the website to become a truly useful resource for the user and a powerful selling tool for the client.

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